Weekend Home at Aquaticca Heights

Wild, beautiful & free just like the sea, this weekend abode comprises of all the elements, the salty breeze, the sand & the sun!! Cool, calm & composed yet vibrant & edgy was the thought behind the conception of the spaces designed, imbibing the “into the blue” vibe into the space.

Glimpses of the Sea

“The sea once it casts its spell, holds one in it’s net of wonder forever “. Being true to its character the space equally brings in the thalassic vibes along with its serene beauty at the same time. Comprising a color palate of tints & shades of blue along with the rustic feel of the old boats laid by the shore this weekend home shares similar instincts to its location bringing in the outdoor feel inside.

Cool, calm & composed yet vibrant & edgy was the thought behind the conception of the spaces designed, wherein the common spaces like the Living room along with the open bar area & dining space connected to the kitchen share the “Into the Blue” vibe, whereas the rooms have distinct characteristics personalized to its users.

The master bedroom is a warm and cozy space, with a material palate of wood & copper giving it a rich feel. The platform bed along with a side gathering space make the space look wide and cater to when the space needs to be used otherwise as a gathering space too.

The second room was designed keeping in mind the young user. Geometry elevated adds to the dynamics of the space. Keeping the material palate muted enhanced the surface play of the space. As the young user had friends coming over we designed a pair of poofs which could be combined to form a bed to serve dual purpose. Adding the denim upholstery made the space very clean yet raw & dynamic.

And lastly the guest room has a chic feel, keeping it minimal yet a space you can be fond of always. Owing to the fact that it did not have a defined user it had to be done in a way that any user would like it and enjoy the vibe. A simple & minimal material palate of white & venge veneer along with a wooden floor was used. To add to the playfulness of the space Burberry checkered upholstery was added to the room.

Samir & Jahnvi Shroff
Dumas, Surat
3,500 sqft
Rohan Shroff