Wedding Avenue Designer Store

Wedding trousseau designers don’t just design clothes, they design dreams! Ethnic, culture, motifs, patterns & a blast of colors is the core thought behind the ambiance created. Striking galicha tiles in the floor, along with charcoal grey walls, rustic rope fittings, and a bold monogram adds to the character to the store.

An Affair to Remember!

They say “Fashion is the most powerful art there is”. And when you are a wedding trousseau designer, you just don’t design clothes, you design dreams!! As for our client Manish Reshamwala, the ace designer of the city, designing his own studio was challenging yet an experience of its own kind. When different aspects of design coincide, the outcome ought to be interesting. So is it with the Wedding Avenue, where fairytale moments are designed.

Ethnic, culture, motifs, patterns & a blast of colors come to mind when we think of Indian bridal couture. The client himself had a beautiful taste wherein he wanted to incorporate his own design sense yet wanted the space speak out of its own identity.

In commercial design the product is more important than the backdrop. But for the designer studio the ambiance of the space was equally important to the client. Having come from the fashion industry inspired by Indian heritage we took a lot of cues from the same which we incorporated in the palate subtly.

The material palate had striking galicha tiles in the floor, along with charcoal grey backgrounds for the outfits which would create a subtle backdrop and highlight the trousseau. The client wanted to suspend all the outfits from the ceiling to make them look free, so we designed a rustic feel rope fitting giving it a unique character. A Monogram of the designer store was kept in the center alongside the discussion table which was customized with a leather top & rivet details making it an exclusive area.

A memory wall with a copper base was created in the passage area connecting the display space and the private discussion room. The passage space also served as the key collection area, where exclusive pieces were kept.

A ramp alongside with changing rooms was designed as another part of the studio. It had a private discussion area where longer discussion and trial rounds with fitting sessions could take place. The ramp added to be a unique element as it served the purpose perfectly.

In all the complete space was in the truest sense a portrayal of the client’s ideas, influences & characteristics in an authentic and pure form.

Manish Reshamwala & Rashmikant Shah
Bhatar, Surat
1,200 sqft
Rohan Shroff