Residence at Moxa Villa

Bringing a part of greens into a home adds a life to the interiors. A composed vibe is felt when you unwind after a long day at work, into a cozy private balcony corner connected to the living room.

An Artistic Abode!

Adorned with a couplet of lazy recliner chairs and a small coffee table, surounded with planters feeling the soft breeze is an allevating experience. Adding a flock of birds flying towards the horizon adds to the drama of the corner and connects it with the beautiful extended sky. A perfect spot for morning tea or a pacifying cup of evening coffee, both do wonders to the soul. In a similar manner when the owners have guests around the house, the terrace garden acts as the perfect gathering space. Connected with the multipurpose home theatre space, this space doubles up as a lounge area for a relaxing evening or at times a lively garden space for a barbaque party too. For it is the silence in nature that you will find your peace!

Dr. Parixit Doctor
Adajan, Surat
2500 sqft