Homeopathy Clinic

Small spaces have the biggest potential at times. An aura that calms the mind, heals the spirit and touches the body is created in the clinic, where the patients are treated emotionally & physically both, taking back only positivity. Subtle monochromatic greys with a dash of canary yellow make take up the vibe.

Healing Hands

Some spaces touch the body, calm the mind & heal the spirit. Similarly in a place where patients come to get treated emotionally & physically both a positive aura is a must.

The key note behind designing this homeopathy clinic was that what is hurt can be healed, that no matter how dark it gets, the sun’s going to rise! And so was born the idea of infusing a bright and striking canary yellow colour into the interiors if the space. Infusing a certain kind of positivity into the space, this element creates a bold yet minimal statement.

Making the best use of a small scale space by creating an illusionary graphic by makes the footprint look larger. Subtle play of the palate white & greys made the area look wider. A waiting area, medicine desk, examination bed & the consulting desk were the areas that we sequenced in a mere carpet area of 150 sqft.

Little details used along in the form of niches which added character to the space, to the art work on the background wall makes the space look exclusively customized for the user and making it feel optimistic for the visitors as well. It leaves them with a ray of hope in their heart & calmness in their mind.

Dr. Poonam Doctor
Adajan, Surat
300 sqft
Harsh Gajjar